Alessandra Pinheiro 

Pilates Teacher

Address: 11050 Crabapple Rd suite 109, building C – Roswell GA

Office Hours: 9am to 8pm | Phone: (470) 494-8150


More about Alessandra…

Brazilian Alessandra Pinheiro, Physical Education Teacher, has 28 years of experience in teaching in the various sectors of this profession, and has 15 years of experience serving people in the practice of Classic and Contemporary Pilates.

I worked in Brazil – São Paulo with many people of different ages, children to the elderly, men and women, and even pregnant women.

I had classes in schools, clubs and Pilates studios, and even my own private studio. These experiences taught me everything I need to know to make sure the student not only gets fit, but learns more about their body and mind.

“The human body is a machine that moves, in different phases and rhythms… Don’t stop!”

Pilates is a method suitable for all people who are 7 to 100  years old, sedentary or athletes.

The practitioner starts by correcting the posture and making the student be aware of their body.

The Pilates method consists of observing your student and understanding what their needs are, adapting the exercises to fit their needs for more than satisfactory results.

The individual is able to have full control over his or her body. Joseph Pilates calls it Centrology which stands for:

Concentration , Control , Precision , Center , Breathing and Movement, FluiditPilates is the complete coordination of Body, Mind and Spirit”  Joseph Pilates

*As a Physical Education professional

We have the principle of making our students have a better quality of life exercising  so that the body and mind always remain healthy.

And with the practice of Pilates, and its concept “body, mind and spirit”, this principle of making the student enjoy good health, became even more intense.

“In my experience as a teacher, I have been able to identify the difficulties that each individual student presents to me, thus being able to work respecting their limits, and developing the student so that he or she has complete knowledge of their body,  and of its limitations so that they can acquire better habits and changes to both physical and mental health.”

Pilates is a method that uses stretching techniques to tone muscles and realign posture. The goal of pilates is for the student to seek union between their body and mind.

Classes are at Studio Ale. Each session has maximum of 2 students per class so the student has a more personalized experience.

Examples equipment used in each class

  • Reformer with trampoline
  • Chair
  • Ladder barrel
  • Wall Unit + tower ba
  • Cadillac 
  • TRX
  • Columpio
  • And other various accessories

Prices and operating rules

Experimental  Class — $ 28.00

One class ——————-$ 32.00

Monthly – ——————-$ 115.00  For 01 weekly class 



Read carefully:

  • 1.I t is the students contracting responsibility to notify up to 6 hours in advance of their absence from the scheduled class.
  • 2. After this period, no amount will be refunded for the canceled class.                                                                   
  • The class must be paid for before it takes place .                                                      
  • Appointments are required.                              
  • Payments :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *Zelle  – ( 470 ) 494 8150 – Head Coach

*Venmo – @Alessandra-Pinheiro

* Cash  / check




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